Small business virtualization with vSphere Essentials Plus

Virtualization has become a linchpin of IT. It’s a foundational technology that caused a seismic shift in how networks are designed and deployed. It’s a force multiplier for business that brings great flexibility and power into your computer system.

Virtualization, at its core, is the ability to run multiple independent servers on a single physical system. These servers (virtual machines, or VMs) can have differing computing requirements, running services, and even operating systems. But even more compelling than that, virtualized systems are decoupled from the physical hardware itself. This opens the way to move virtualized servers between physical hosts (even while running!), automatically move in the event of a failure,more easily back up and restore VMs, plus move to new physical hardware with ease.

But despite these advantages, the cost and complexity of virtualization can be a bit daunting for a small business. That’s where IngenuIT and VMware’s vSphere Essentials Plus comes in.

vSphere Essentials Plus is a single low-cost package that can get your business started with virtualization. Essentials Plus contains the same powerful system as vSphere Standard, but it is limited to just 3 physical servers. For a small system, this is often plenty to start with.

At roughly one third the cost of full vSphere Standard licensing (or even less if you pay on a year-to-year term), the barrier to entry has been greatly reduced. And with IngenuIT’s years of experience with vSphere, your system will be running great in no time. Call today! (314) 495-9504 or e-mail