Monitoring your IT systems with Zabbix 3.4

System monitoring is a critical, but often overlooked component of IT. Proper monitoring can alert when issues arise, preemptively alert before an issue becomes critical, and record historical performance and change data for reference.

With monitoring and alerting, you’ll know when storage is running out before your users tell you they can’t save files! You’ll know when server memory is getting low, and maybe that’s why it’s being super slow today. You’ll know when your internet bandwidth is getting swamped and that it’s time to find out why.

Zabbix is an extremely powerful, free, open source real-time monitoring system for your entire IT system. It uses dedicated agents, as well as agents already embedded in virtually all IT components.

Zabbix can monitor disk storage usage, bandwidth utilization, memory consumption, temperature, entire virtual clusters, and so much more. Because it’s free, it can be used for the smallest of networks. Because it’s powerful and robust, it can be used for huge enterprise systems that demand 24×7 uptime.

Zabbix just released version 3.4, which has numerous improvements and new features that make it more powerful than ever. With improved dashboards, better data collection processes, and many under-the-hood performance improvements it’s a great time to deploy Zabbix in your environment.

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